Comprehensive Treatment for Chronic & and Acute Wounds

For a majority of patients, wound healing is a predictable and elegant course of events resulting in few complications and minimal scarring. For those with systemic or local barriers to healing, chronic and complex wounds can represent a significant challenge requiring costly and intensive care.

Since 2004, The team at Seha Wound Care has utilized an Innovative Advanced Wound Recovery Program consisting of proven wound care techniques in clinics throughout the U.S. Our outpatient centers consist of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals working together to eliminate barriers to healing and achieve maximum healing results. Quality holistic care combined with state-of- the-art treatment and diagnostics ensures that wounds are healed faster with reduced recurrence, thereby reducing the long-term cost of care and minimizing suffering.

In addition to our outpatient center we provide consultations and in-service training to hospitals, post-cutefacilities, nursing homes, home care agencies, and a variety of other clinical settings. On-site training forcommunity nurses is also offered on an ongoing basis.