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A Truly Integrative Program That Utilizes and Enhances Complementary Services
Due to the chronic and complex nature of their conditions, wound and lymphedema patients are notorious for needing extensive holistic and thorough care coordination across multiple disciplines. Working closely with each patient’s general and specialty physicians and surgeons, and utilizing services provided by the patient’s hospital of choice, this process is streamlined to minimize costs, facilitate timely care coordination and promote exceptional care while generating unprecedented levels of patient satisfaction. This level of quality and attention to patients’ individual needs solidifies the Wound Clinic’s reputation as a center of excellence in the community for wound care and related services, in addition to fostering positive and mutually supportive relationships with all providers participating in each patient’s care.


  • Referrals for work-up and surgical intervention for PVD,arterial/venous insufficiency and other vascular conditions.
  • Extensive outpatient follow-up care provided for post-surgery patients.
  • Referrals to general and specialty practices for management of systemic barriers to wound healing
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage and other innovative techniques for effective edema management
  • Referrals to Orthopedic and Podiatric surgeons for correction of foot deformities and other structural barriers
  • Ongoing support and education provided to home nursing agencies