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Chronic & Complex Wounds

Chronic & Complex Wounds are often the cause of tremendous suffering and pain, both to the inflicted person and the person’s entire family.

Our focus is to combine the traditional spirit of healing with advanced knowledge, technology and therapeutic skills to achieve unprecedented results in the treatment of difficult wounds.

Our staff is multidisciplinary. It includes the patient and his/her family, and physicians throughout the healing

process. Specially trained physicians,nurses and therapists provide treatment and thorough education to heal wounds and prevent recurrence.

The Factors We Consider

The Factors We Consider in making an individual plan of care are many. Both local factors (the wound) and systemic factors (the body) play a role in healing. Discovering all the barriers to healing and overcoming them can take more than one visit. Problems may arise during care that seem unrelated such as a family crisis, other illnesses, allergies and everyday stressors. These can also be barriers that delay healing

The Plan of Care

The Plan of Care is carefully designed and orchestrated by the wound team led by one of our primary wound care physicians. The patient can expect team conferences at the bedside, where options are explored and decisions are made about dressings, tests, medications and necessary changes with the patient and family’s full participa-tion.Privacy and confidentiality are assured.

In Addition to Outpatient Care in

In Addition to Outpatient Care in Our Wound Clinic Seha Wound Care provides consultations and in-service training to hospitals,post-acute care facilities, nursing homes, home care agencies, physicians offices and a variety of other clinical settings.

The Healing Process

The Healing Process begins with determining what the barriers are and overcoming or adapting to them one by one. The first visit will include:
A warm welcome to our clinic — located in Wellesley
A comprehensive health history A physical assessment A history of the wound(s) and past treatments Laboratory and other tests (when needed) Discussion about the approach to healing –between the doctor, nurse specialists, patient9 and family